Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…with Locs, too!

Nothing in life is permanent, so why should hair be? As in anything else, there is a season, an ebb and flow. We may ride the wave, but there is always a changing in the tide. Hair cycles operate the same. We see it, must have it, commit and then have a change in desire. Innovation in natural hair provides options, on top of options. But then, there is the Loc question. After countless updos— numerous curl sets, Bantu knots, Loc wraps and stylized cuts— where does one go from there? Is a big chop the next step after years of commitment and simple boredom? Nope. Not in today’s market. Sonika Arrington is the proof— Locs don’t stop the fun. She wanted to shift gears, shake it up a bit, while having fun in the sun on the beaches of the Virgin Islands. Enter the Bombshell crown created by Hotpeeznbutta and trust me it ain’t your grandma’s wig! It is custom shaped to fit and frame any face. I admire Ms. Arrington’s willingness to have fun with her hair, try new things and her dare to be different…how’bout you?









Same Style. Different Shift.

Waist length individual braids have been trending hard for over a year. When Solange and her über famous sister donned them, the masses jumped on the band wagon and are still riding the wave. I think it was the high bun that had us all drooling. As a braider, I’ve seen them before. Mega length braids is a style that will always be in circulation. The media is responsible for sensationalizing them; before Solange, there was Janet. Before them there was Patra and the list goes on, reaching back to everyday braided divas and ’round the way girls There is really nothing new under the sun, it’s all about the reinvention or as Diddy would say— the remix.

The Senegalese twist are a spinoff of the traditional braided style. Twist captures all the elements of braids, while achieving its on individual look. The length isn’t compromised and the styling versatility is endless. The style may last up-to three months, with proper maintenance and touch up.






Ain’t. No. Body. Got. Time. For. That!

Hotpeeznbutta is a veteran in this industry, I started out as a braider, many moons ago. I know all too well, about the time consumption involved in having the tresses groomed. Natural hairstyles tend to beat out relaxer styles, in clockable hours. There are hairstyles that take incredibly long and there’s just no getting around that. I remember days when I began a style at 8am and completed the same do at 8am, the next morning. Without exaggeration, I have watched the sun rise, set and rise again, while doing a client’s hair. To protect that hairdo from extinction, I won’t even mention which style it was. Though, for the first person who guesses correctly, I will gift a $50 credit toward a Hotpeeznbutta experience.

On the lighter side of this topic, I affirm that it doesn’t have to hurt to be beautiful. The coolest thing about donning natural hair is that there are always options. Charleen, was most pleased in finding this out. Because she has a busy schedule as a medical professional, she needed a style that was time efficient, yet and still cute. Hotpeeznbutta created a 90 minute hairstyle, which covered her request in full. Too add cherries on top, it is a transitional style that may be twisted out for a voluminous effect and is also cost effective and last up-to four weeks.

Peep the 90 minute hairdo below, then get you some!!
Check back in four weeks for the twist-out results and try your hand for the $50 discount! Well wishes!









Stepping Up

I am thankful that being a baby in and of itself is a beautiful thing. Heavens only knows about the hairstyles parents consider cute, when we are tiny people. It usually boarders animated and cartoonish, bless their big hearts. I had my fair share of rubber-banded twisties, onion styled cornrows, 101 bo-bos, 1001 barrettes and 1,000,001 beads. Surely, my aunt found these hairdos to be the most stylish and age appropriate. And, certainly as a parent and nurturer, there is this natural instinct to cradle the young in the bosom as long as possible. However, by age 12 my hormones did not agree. When I looked in the mirror, I saw an oversized telly tubby with beaded braids. It was definitely time for my hairstyle to graduate with me into Junior High School. Unfortunately in my day, that promotion meant a plastic cap, curl activator and a juicy Jheri. My fab client Mari, knows this scenario all too well. This school semester she is stepping into high school hallways and quite frankly the middle school do, just won’t do. Mari, who has locs, was contemplating cutting them. Thankfully, there are loc alternatives. Along with her mom, Mari eventually opted for a loc upgrade. Hotpeeznbutta was there, to deliver the Nu loc extension. Applauds to a mature young lady, making mature decisions! Go Mari!!








I’m Here

It has been a minute, I know.
Hotpeeznbutta has been working hard at strengthening the brand and making a mark in the natural hair industry. Some wonderful things have taken place. I’m proud to update you all on the fruits of my labor. I’m also honored to have been a part of this project, as well as an integral part of Natural Hair Care History. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come…




Anointed Hands

When it comes to hair woes, you may think nobody knows the trouble you’ve seen. Trust me, I know your sorrows. Eight years ago, I left New York City’s hustle and bustle for Atlanta’s hospitable southern living. What I hadn’t realized was that I left behind my own coveted stylist; yes, natural hairstylist need love too. Besides myself, Thema Taylor of Natural Edgez has been the only one to lay hands on my scalp. I hadn’t factored my hair into the relocation and I was extremely reluctant to give anyone new a shot. I even scheduled hair appointments around visits to New York. When my travels slowed, I finally gave in to circumstance and trusted my kinky coif to a regional stylist. In three months, one local hairstylist had become five; my big fro became my big chop.
I was disappointed with the natural hairstylist I encountered. I wanted the same quality service and stunning hairdo’s that I offered my own clients, but it wasn’t happening. So, I too know the frustration in trying to connect with that person, who encompasses everything you want and need in a natural hairstylist. A hairstylist is not just someone who dabbles in your kinkiness. He or she will be the person you trade energy with. This will be the person with whom you will trust, with your unguarded spirit, insecurities and maybe even your secrets… Enter Buki, she too was troubled with securing a natural hairstylist for her precious locs after relocating. She was placed in my care by a client and friend, who I like to refer to as the gatekeeper. Hotpeeznbutta operates like an angel network of sorts. Collectively, we take care of one another. Hotpeeznbutta is definitely a caretaker.

Needless to say, Ms. Buki was a bit apprehensive about working with a new stylist… now, let’s just say, Ms. Buki has a new stylist 😉


Hotpeeznbutta Strikes Again!

‘Fro Fashion Week Spring 2013 was in full swing, with natural hair models strutting the runway looking fab. Hotpeeznbutta collaborated with Kurvy Kuties, a full figure modeling team based out Little Rock and Georgia’s own, model Shanrae. The ladies are wearing Unique Sisters designs and it was business as usual. The triumvirate gels so well when it’s time to show out. Shout outs to us all for putting it down!

E37 Photography: Fro Fashion Week &emdash;

E37 Photography: Fro Fashion Week &emdash;

E37 Photography: Fro Fashion Week &emdash;

E37 Photography: Fro Fashion Week &emdash;

E37 Photography: Fro Fashion Week &emdash;







Quick Q&A

Contact Box: Hello,

I would like to introduce myself. I’m a stay at home home of 3 who went natural about a year ago. I am getting on a real serious health kick and would love to get braided up so that my hair doesn’t stop from going hard at my workout. I would love your thoughts on braiding with adding hair and the best hair care solutions with working out.

Thanks in advance
Peace & Blessings

My apologies for such a delayed response. Nevertheless, wearing protective styles while working out is a traditional course of action. Maintaining our own hair while working out is at times cumbersome. Due to sweating, we may want to wash frequently. In doing so, we deplete natural moisture from the hair and disturb natural hairstyles… Enter extensions, which allow you to wash and replenish moisture as often as necessary without interruption of everything or adding to time to the everyday hair grooming process and it gives us a hair break. So, in short, Hotpeeznbutta is team extensions, as well team braids.

The best natural hair care solutions while exercising:
– Protective style that you’re comfortable wearing
– Tie hair down while working out (this controls swelling and frizz)
– Refresh scalp with a witch hazel/water solution (substitutes daily washing)
– Shampoo hair as often as needed (non-creamy moisturizing shampoo)
– Condition hair using a leave-in conditioning spray
– Oil scalp with an essential oil (Olive, Coconut, Castor, Jojoba)
– Tie hair and dry.

Thanks for the inquiry!

Now, that’s what I call a Quickie…

$99 Holla


With 9 more days left in the month of February,
Hotpeeznbutta is hosting a $99 protective style event.
Braids, Twist & Textured Weaves for a complimentary price of $99
This is includes— Basic Individual Braids, Cornrows, Kinky Twist & Weaves.

(((Hair is not included and standard braid lengths apply)))

404. 484. 2662